I was trying to describe the idea of Myers Briggs to a friend. Unfortunately I couldn’t remember the name, but after a bit of searching I found I explained that I’ve done the test numerous times over my life and I always end up as INFJ or INFP (depending on anxiety/depression).

I prefer being INFJ as that feels like my natural state. Plus, I think it’s a bit rarer so it makes me feel special. So I am aware I might be persuading myself to answer certain ways. Yesterday I did the test and ended up as INFP.

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Mary Blair

I thought I may have mentioned my previous love for The Three Cabelleros, but I haven’t. It’s probably just as well because now my adult brain feels like there’s more than a touch of propaganda in it and I just feel a bit awkward about the otherness of it. I have blogged about my liking for South America before. This admiration for the continent stemmed from my continuous rewatching of The Three Cabelleros as a child. There were three main things that attracted me to this movie. The first was that I had got into my head that José Carioca reminded me of my Grandad – I do not know where I got this idea from, I’m guessing it was a sense a fleeting moment which I have often associated with my Grandad. I often felt like my time with Grandad was much too short and I felt that when watching The Three Cabelleros. I hated the last ten minutes of it because I didn’t want it to end. The second was the colour; the beautiful colour.

The third thing was my favourite scene. Which I found out was illustrated/designed by Mary Blair (according to the Youtube blurb on this video).

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Digital citizenship

This post is part of EdublogsClub. This week’s prompt is digital citizenship.

I didn’t publish an EdublogsClub post last week. The prompt was guest blogging. I wrote a post for another blog but I’m not sure when/if it’ll be published. And I couldn’t find anyone to write for mine, or rather, I couldn’t find anyone who knew what they wanted to write for mine.

Digital communication is something I think about a lot, but so is communication. Especially as someone who is interested in working in learning support. I like playing around with digital tools but some of my friends/colleagues would consider me a bit of a whizz and my Dad thinks I’m a brain box. Already we can see that people have different experience and knowledge of digital technology.

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