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This post is part of EdublogsClub. This week is a catch-up week.

One of topic suggestions this week reflecting on my blogging experience so far. Normally I don’t take part in catch up weeks – I just backdate my blog posts and pretend I did them on time. But I’m finding that I want to write more (probably due to being home alone and relieving the monotony of constant job applications).

My blogging frequency and style has changed this year. I believe it is because I now have a bit of a history on here. When I started, I felt that everything I wrote needed explaining or context. I guess it’s similar to when you make friends, after a while they know your feelings and your experiences so they begin to understand why something has meaning to you without you having to go into a backstory.

I’ve started speaking to my reallife friends the way I write in my blog; longer and disjointedly ☺

I’ve found myself wanting to talk/write about subjects I’d normally avoid. I used to not like talking/writing for too long; I worried about being boring and/or difficult to understand. I still feel this way but I want to try to communicate more. And I guess I won’t get any better if I don’t give it a go.

I was concerned about whether my blog should have an ongoing theme. I felt I should write about learning or mental health, but sometimes I wanted to write about other things. I worried that too much variation would alienate some readers. Then I decided to chuck in some random giveaways, recipes, interior design inspiration, hair inspiration pictures, a bucket list, a travel bucket listtrends I like, funny videos and poetry. This made my blog interesting for me to read. And once I started enjoying reading it, I wanted to contribute to it more often.

I sometimes go a bit TMI on here. Oh well.

I like writing. And I think about it daily.

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