My newest smartphone

I’m setting up my new (to me) android phone. It’s a Samsung J5. To technophiles, it’s an ancient model – after all it was released in 2016.

This will be my second android phone. Though, unlike my last one I will have to keep this. I briefly had an Orange Barcelona in 2011 between Blackberries. I used it for a couple of months and then went back to my trusty Blackberry Pearl. I was convinced to move away from Blackberry as they were losing favour but I liked them too much to stay away for long.

I did that thing of going to a shop to find out what models are available on my contract but then being pushed into something I’m not sure I wanted yet. I couldn’t understand why the cheapest contract was not appearing on their tablet when they were showing the deals, but now I remember they overestimated my usage to be safe. Although I was quite certain I would be using less than half their suggested amount. But, I’m saving money and now have a more future-proof smartphone so I’m in a better position than I was last week.

I feel a bit sad about parting ways with my Lumia. I’ve blogged about it briefly in my workspace Edublogs post. It’s not the best smartphone, but I’ve come to rely on it. It’s brilliant for work and study. And, unlike previous smartphones, I’ve used every feature and synced all possible things. I experimented with this phone, I had to learn more about OPSEC and that helped me with other digital things in my life.

I guess I can use this as a new learning opportunity.

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