I’ll probably write my EdublogsClub post tomorrow. I’m really too tired to think too much about it now. I had a job interview this morning and I spent all my enthusiasm in one hour.

An interesting thing happened yesterday. I was tweeting about how excited I am to write about learning styles. And someone replied with they don’t exist and linked to the Guardian article that The Edublogger refers to! Now, maybe my reaction was coloured by the fact the person who replied spends their days trawling through Twitter to find and repost opinions that are identical to their own, as well as dismissing anyone who doesn’t share their world view.

But the post they don’t exist is very revealing. Firstly, it’s a definitive statement. Would you respond to questions or comments (in a learning environment) like that? Do you think it encourages debate? Secondly, would you comment before someone has even expressed their position on an issue? If you do, why are you doing that? Thirdly, do you think the sources/evidence you are showing balances conflicting opinions on the issue?

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I’m looking forward to next month. Even though I know it’ll be a struggle financially – I’m going to have to get through it on £200. I’m just hoping it will be a month of opportunities.

The good news is that I have a job interview in my old college on Friday. The role is temporary (when is it not?) but I need full-time work. I know I shouldn’t get my hopes up but I’ve applied for a couple of other jobs that are due to interview next week, and I really feel like I could get invited to one of them at least.

I’m doing some administrative support of the Summer Internship scheme over the next couple of months too. It’s likely to be approximately two days a week.

So, my May is looking to be comfortable and secure. I can’t wait.


Last week I stumbled upon the above video. I had been thinking about doing a vlog for quite a while, but it’s just something I keep putting off. When I saw the video I was going to post about the thoughts it stirred in me. But, I don’t know, that never happened. I can kinda relate. I do talk openly in my blog, but there are still some things I’m in the middle of processing. I thought a vlog would be a great opportunity to get them all out (as my mind is moving three times the speed of my typing).

The short of it is that I feel it’s time to move on from where I am at (which I know I touch on here, but what I don’t mention is how all-consuming it feels). I got a phonecall today from a relative, and they had clearly been speaking to another relative I had confided my feelings to. I was not ready to speak to this person. But this person was prying. At one point they asked Is there anything you want to tell me? I didn’t.

I felt awful immediately. I felt the tears building up. I was not lying, I did not hide anything but I felt a fakeness in my answer.

I definitely feel that I’m at a fork in the road. I don’t want to lose anything I have now, I love my little Brighton bubble and the people here, but I feel like I want more. When is it time to make the change? Because whenever I feel it coming, I back away. I feel attached to every little thing – the streets, the people, the buildings, fleeting moments that most would ignore but as I feel my days here are numbered I cling to them.

I guess I’ll just keep on floating along until I feel it’s time.


The EdublogsClub prompt today is embedding. I’m happy to see this as I had planned to embed a playlist and talk about music at some point in the future. I did want to do a fancy html embed of loads of mp3s. However, I hurt my hand today and typing is difficult (unless I type with just my middle finger – and that takes ages).

So, anyway, here’s a song that reminds me of moving to Brighton. 2010 was a time full of change and excitement for me. There are so many memories about this year.