Induction week is over and I’m still buzzing from the awesome time I’ve had. I’m so happy to be an art student. My first lesson was really stimulating and I am looking forward to my workshop next week.

My classmates are really supportive and have really interesting backgrounds in the arts.

I can’t quite get my head around how confident and happy I feel.

And my #Freshtival16 tweets won me a notebook. I highly recommend taking part.

Yesterday afternoon was my first negative experience in my new job role. A visitor decided to comment on a bad decision I had made. In retrospect, I may have made a bad decision but my decision was based on the information given to me. Although the information given to me may have been odd, I had no power or evidence to challenge it. I was alone. I made a choice. Afterwards I spent hours reliving the interaction in my head . To the point where I gave myself a tremendous headache. And, I genuinely think I wasted too many hours of my life beating myself up over it. It’s done.

So then I went out with some members of the Alumni office. It was a colleague’s leaving party. It was a lovely evening. I enjoyed the mocktails in Be At One.

I’m so happy October is here. I am so excited about my workshops in Brighton Museums, Snowdogs by the Sea, Swans, the UoB telephone campaign (will I’ll be co-supervising this year), autumnal food and SU elections.

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