I spent the rest of my annual leave and the following week ill. I am not sure what was cause or effect but I had neck/shoulder ache, poor hearing and dizzy spells. I think it may have been a result of my long-term temporomandibular joint problems.

Despite my dizziness, I attempted two trips in my annual leave. One to Arundel and the other to Tate Modern. Unfortunately my dizziness and soreness made the whole week a blur. I do remember feeling disorientated by floor two of the Tate Modern. On the bright side, I ended up going to the Institute of Contemporary Art and getting excited about the work there. Yay.

I finally put in my university application and I had one reference back within two days. I’m a little bit nervous waiting for the other. I logged into mysite and saw my title had changed so I’m officially an applicant again! I realise I’ve spent more time being an applicant than I have been a student. Hopefully things will work out this time.

In the week I returned to work I found out that my casual role now has no regular hours. I have been in the role since October 2014 – in previous years I have always managed to work at least twelve hours a week. This year I won’t be guaranteed any hours at all. I’m not disappointed. I’m grateful I had two years of regular work and I’m lucky I was even able to get that much on a casual contract.

Realistically, if I am successful in my university application, I need to focus on my studying as much as possible. Without regular work, I’ll have plenty of free time to focus on that. So I have no excuses this time around.

I have to keep thinking positively that I’ll find a flexible part-time job in the meantime or I’ll be able to stay afloat until the end of the course. And if luck is on my side, I’ll fall into a nice full-time job afterwards.

I love him

I went to an animation workshop run by Tony Gammidge. I made an animation with a group of lovely folk. I’ll post the result when it has finished being edited. I had such a great time at the workshop and I’ll be planning to do some more animation in the future.