So I’m actually managing two posts in one month. I can hardly believe it!

In true Nina-style, life has been throwing more opportunities and challenges my way. I didn’t have a chance to acknowledge them until today. Because at 17:23 this afternoon I tackled the last of my February backlog. It feels great. Admittedly, my March backlog is looking pretty hefty but I’m in the mood for celebrating small victories.

I’ve had some mental health blips this week. I shouldn’t really call them blips but I don’t really know how to describe them. I had been feeling quite restless despite my body’s obvious exhaustion so I got up in the early hours of Thursday morning and sorted through everything I own. I ended up giving a quarter of my clothes to charity, I threw out all paper related to my previous course and I created a mini-jumble sale in my office with a bunch of my unused toiletries. Last week, or maybe the week before, I gave most of my politics books to the Pavilion Parade common room. I’m reducing the amount of things I own. I didn’t plan to get rid of these things but sometimes they feel like they are weighing me down. Or creating a wall of junk I can’t climb over.

I plan to spend some of tomorrow at the library. I’m making a page and forum in Mahara. I ♥️ Mahara so it’s going to be fun. When I did my Award in Education and Training at CCB I used Mahara in my microteach and I haven’t used it since. I’m looking forward to getting reacquainted with it.

I spent my day off this week populating a calendar in Sharepoint. Which, I know, sounds boring but it felt so good to have it completed and have all the information I need in one place (I just wish I was this organised in my personal life).

I’m also going to look at #4brightideas again. I’m going to see if I can rehash some of my old engagement/participation ideas into something new. I created a scheme a couple of years ago designed to find mentors for widening participation applicants – I never launched it because I wasn’t quite sure how to categorise it. Maybe it’s time to have another look at it.


I’ll end the day with some toy research for the museum and then do some preparation for a job I am applying for in my old team.

Busy bee strikes again!

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