The Law of Attraction of Love

We all know that love is one of the most fundamental and effective emotions in any human life. It is with love that makes us enjoy life and endure its hardships.

The question may be how can we be a magnet of love using the law of attraction? How to capture the love and feeling we want in life?

We have to tell that the Law of Attraction, based on your thoughts and feelings, offers you everything you ask for and believe.

The Law of Attraction is waiting for your request and sends you every frequency you send and receive to and from the world through your thoughts and feelings and experiences. And it does not matter at all whether these thoughts and feelings are positive or negative. In fact, the power of thoughts and the human mind make every dream a reality and it has no limits. The only limit to your wishes is your own thoughts.

The first step and the most important principle for attracting love is to love yourself. You must show the universe that you deserve love. If you do not give yourself this feeling of value, the law of attraction will receive exactly the same frequency. The Law of Attraction sees the behavior you have with yourself and brings you the same.

If you do not enjoy being alone and spending time with yourself, how do you expect others to be able to feel calmness and happiness besides you?

If you can fall in love with yourself, you will experience a great sense of self-confidence, which is the end of negative emotions and fears, and a start of positive emotions and attraction of more of similar emotions. That’s because, you will not be ready to accept love until you dispel negative emotions.

So remember, it all starts with you.

The next step is to define the person you want to have a relation with and describe him/her in full detail. You need to know who you are comfortable with and what qualities you accept. This will make sure the law of attraction knows exactly what you want and will see your seriousness in getting it, so that it sends it to you more quickly.

Imagine you are in a restaurant waiting for your order, the sooner you decide what you want to eat, the sooner your meal is ready. This is exactly how the law of attraction works, but at a smaller scale.

The next step is to believe the fact that you get what you want. You have to prepare yourself to receive it.

Now when you order your meal, you believe that your meal will be ready in a matter of minutes and you will be waiting for it and not leaving the restaurant. You choose the right table, put the napkin on the garment and wait for your order.

So, specify your desire as quickly as possible with all of its details, make sure you receive your order as soon as possible. And most importantly, be patient, keep calm, and trust the waiter to bring you food so you don’t have to leave or give up.

Be sure that if someone is of the same frequency as you, he/she will be attracted to you. You have to wait to attract someone who is both your target and on your path. We have to thank the law for not letting us attract people who are not our dream wife and companion. Because it is with these people that we can experience true peace and enjoy the true pleasure of companionship and love.

Don’t forget that the only person who can choose the most ideal person for you is you.

When you want a relationship, adapt your thoughts and actions and environment with this desire and make sure there is no conflict.

Feng Shui consultant, Marrie Diamond tells us the story of a man who always wanted to meet her favorite lady, but hadn’t succeeded for years. When Mary entered his house, she saw many paintings in the corner of his house that were of separation, distress, paintings of women turning their back at him. Asked about his paintings, he said that this was my style and that I liked this painting. Mary explained to her that when you want something, your actions and surroundings should reflect the same desire. You should paint pictures showing that you want to get to know somebody and be with someone, not pictures of separation and sadness. How, then, you expect love? The Law of Attraction tells us that by acting on our thoughts we can turn thought into a very powerful factor that will make us achieve all our desires. Every action relates to an idea that has already flowed into the mind.

Love is an emotion and you are the only one who can express it. Your ability to create love is infinite, and when you fall in love, you experience the highest degree of harmony with the universe. You can love anyone. Choose and achieve what you can love. No doubt this feeling of love returns to you several times more intensely.

When you emit love to every side, you feel that the universe is sending all your experiences, events, and good people back to your life.

This is the Law of Attraction that you can use in any field and for any kind of desire with the knowledge of its power. By defining your expectation of love and relationship and focusing on it, the Law of Attraction gives it the right place in your life.

Amir Sharifi is a sophisticated instructor of the Law of Attraction, Love and Wealth and and the manager of the Mental Development website in Iran. He is the most skilled instructor of the Law of Attraction in Iran.

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