The best forex brokers for U.S. clients

To start trading Forex and establish a successful investment in the local or international currency markets, investors need to find a trustworthy online broker. To do so, understanding their specific requirements and investment style is a critical step to determine the best forex broker in the market. However, this critical choice is entangled with the local and international laws and requirements that forex brokers should obey. For instance, in the USA not all the brokers are allowed to serve residence of this country, but only those that meet specific criteria. According to USA laws, only those brokers who are registered with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) or the National Futures Association (NFA) are allowed to provide services to U.S. clients.

the best forex brokers for U.S. clients


Moreover, as a U.S. based client, you need to be well informed about some additional points while you are choosing your broker. That is mainly due to the fact that the forex industry in the USA is the biggest and the most active industry in the entire world. Investments in this market are under the impact of several different factors, albeit offering enormous profits for those who have well-informed expenditures.  Before signing up with your forex broker, please note that:


  • Your broker needs to provide a reliable history of customer service.
  • Your broker needs to have reasonable trading accounts.
  • Your broker should provide you with solid trading platforms.
  • Relevant competent agencies should regulate your broker.

In the remaining part of this post, we will introduce you to some of the best forex brokers for U.S. clients.


The best forex brokers for U.S. clients: Oanda

Oanda is famous for providing remarkable tools for trading, along with education and research routines and solutions. For instance, MT4, which is an open order indicator, is one of the most popular services of Oanda. Oanda also frequently provides gatherings, events, and webinars to cover the latest researches and technical news. This broker offers 2 types of trading accounts to U.S. clients: A premium and a standard account. Both types of these accounts provide 24-hour support for five days of the week. Users can trade Forex as well as Commodities, Bond CFDs, and Metals.

the best forex brokers for U.S. clients


The best forex brokers for U.S. clients: Nadex

The North American Derivatives Exchange (NADEX) is an online platform for trading and exchange and is best suited for expert traders. Using the Nadex online platform, clients are allowed to trade for one dollar per each contract. Although according to the laws of CFTC,  this type of trading is completely legalit is categorized among the high-risk trades. Nadex can be an excellent option for expert traders who are based in the USA and are willing to have profitable short-term investments. Nadex also provides trading with touch brackets, call spreads, and binary options.


The best forex brokers for U.S. clients: TradeStation

TradeStation can be a suitable option for USA based clients who are willing to invest in the international forex industry. The international section of this broker allows clients to trade and invest in 125 markets. These foreign markets, based in 31 different countries, cover rex, CFDs, mutual funds, Stocks, Bonds, and Options. TradeStation gives brokers the privilege of trading with competitive prices and the international markets, by connecting them with the Interactive Brokers U.K.



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