Our events

Our launch event  – entitled Spaces to Care – was held in Brighton in May 2016. We were delighted to have Vicky Singleton from Lancaster University as a speaker along with representatives from local community and voluntary organisations who spoke about their work and experiences.

A second event picked up methodological questions and debates about how practice theory can deal with ‘big issues’ such as things that happen across different sites and spaces, with Davide Nicolini and Annouchka Bayley from the University of Warwick and Jeanne Mengis joining us by Skype from Switzerl;and. This event was particularly aimed at early career researchers.

A third event took place in September, and addressed the topic of ‘data practices’ and evaluation as a key concern of our civil society partners, with contributions from Edgar Whitley from the London School of Economics, Warmth for Wellbeing, Open Strings and EBG2.

The fourth was in December (Sheffield), focusing on the use of practice theory in policy contexts. We were joined by David Evans, Matt Watson and Peter Jackson from the University of Sheffield, and Margit Keller from the University of Tartu in Estonia.

On 31st January, we met at the LSE in London to discuss practices theory and publics with Bente Halkier (University of Copenhagen) and Judy Green (King’s College London).

We are now planning a ‘book sprint’ to bring together the results of our learning across these events. We aim to launch it in September 2017.

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