IBM (Business Plan to Improve International Performance)

1. Why is there a need to improve performance of IBM?

  1. IBM is acquiring one cloud computing company after another but its overall market share is just 5%.
  2. Nearly half of its revenues are generated from the North American market only.
  3. Its employee annual turnover rate is nearly one-fourth.
  4. Its overall revenues are dwindling.
  5. The cost of its products is increasing.
  6. It is not focusing on risk diversification and instead spun off its one unit which can most likely turn into its competitor in future.
  7. It entered into litigation against its own ex-employees which sends a wrong message to other employees in the company.

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Nadeem’s Reflections

Hello, everyone. I have created this blog as part of my academic and research journey with the University of Brighton. This space is intended to be used for academic, research, and professional reflection purposes. I will also be sharing key insights from my research here. I feel highly motivated to use this e-learning platform as it will prepare us for using e-resources for professional purposes. As a first step, I will be sharing key insights from my research on business plan for IBM to improve their international performance. So stay tuned!