Split-screen multi-tasking

iOS Scenario: Notetaking and App Switching

Take notes in the PowerPoint file presenter notes and then the slides and your notes are always together. You can open files directly from the Blackboard Mobile Learn app. Open the PowerPoint file in the app and then use the open in options on the top-right to save it and open it in PowerPoint.

Open in

The Open With… option will allow you to select from the apps that you have installed on your device. Copying to PowerPoint app will give you access to the presenter notes options.

Open in PowerPoint

Then in PowerPoint you can turn on the comments area in the “review” tab.
Reveal presenter notes

Type in the presenter notes for slide

App multi-tasking

On newer iPads that support iOS9 you can app multi-task with split screen. This is particularly helpful for taking notes in your favourite note taking app while reading a PDF.

Split-screen multi-tasking

Save to app options – for example RefMe

RefME is a referencing and citation manager, which allows you to scan book barcodes and also to bookmark websites; the app then generates citations in your chosen style.

What can it do?

RefME is available on iPhone/iPad, Android and on laptops/desktops via a web browser. In Chrome specifically, there is a fantastic web clipper tool (extension*), which allows to quickly bookmark any website. This feature is also available in Safari on iPhone/iPad.

Bookmarking in Safari – iPhone/iPad only
In Safari, the web browser app on your device go to a website, any website! Press on the share button on the top-right of the browser. You should now see that RefME is listed as one of your saving options. Press on the RefMe option and press Post to save your bookmark to RefME.


Troubleshooting..but RefME isn’t showing on my Sharing list?
In the share options press on the More button and turn on RefME as a sharing option.