The research group was founded early in 2013, current and past group members are;

Marcus K. Dymond: Group Leader


Current Members:

undergraduate/ Masters

Sabrine Chelihi MRes 2022-23

Jack Morley MChem 2022-23

Jakub Jedzok MChem 2022-23

Tyler Snell MChem 2022-23

Jordan Mackay MChem 2022-23

Sam Piper MChem 2022-23

Phoebe Canet-Carbo BSc 2022-23



Vithukka Velthasan PhD Student 2022 –

Grace Cooksley PhD Student 2019-

Natalia Noriega Pedraza PhD Student 2019-

Nadezhda Velichkova PhD Student  2018-


Past Members


Daniela Magalhães PhD Student  2018-2022

Emma Ward PhD student 2018- 2022

Blaise Geoghegan: PhD Student  2015-2019

Elaheh Sirjani: PhD Student  2014 -2018


Undergraduate/ Masters

Sean Moore MRes 2021-22

Vithukka Velthasan BSc 2021-22

Dinos Aphamis BSc 2021-22

Tshedza Ranwashe BSc 2021-22

Leo Gupta MChem 2021-22

Julia Bahja MRes 2020-21

Matthew Williamson MRes 2020-21

Sherin Elbadawey MRes 2020-21

Owen Bold MChem 2020-21

Georgia Daskalaki MChem 2020-21

Mike  Nerush MChem 2020-21

Dan Murphy BSc Chemistry 2020-21

Jize Cai BSc Chemistry 2020-21

Jay Wymer  BSc Project Student 2019-20

Devallee Ellapen BSc Project Student 2019-20

Jack Kingman BSc Project Student 2019-20

Aaron Cripps BSc Project Student 2019-20

Tee Kanellaki BSc Project Student 2019-20

Callum King MSci project student 2019-20

Joe Bradley Intern 2018-19

Martin Osbourne EngD Student  2017-18

Jackson Reid MChem Project Student 2018-19

Livia Vitalino BSc Project Student 2018-19

Hussain Merchant BSc Project Student 2018-19

William Strachan BSc Project Student 2018-19

Daniel Nikpou BSc Project Student 2018-19

Mason Lambert BSc Project Student 2018-19

Owen Keable BSc Project Student 2018-19

Mohammed Mujahed BSc Project Student 2018-19

Amy Rollinson Undergraduate Project Student 2017-18

Sophie Wain Undergraduate Project Student 2017-18

Liam Lattimer Undergraduate Project Student 2017-18

Charlie Brewster Undergraduate Project Student 2017-18

Tom Hamilton Undergraduate Project Student 2017-18

Abigail Miller MChem Project Student 2017-18

Yun-Shin Hseu MSc Research Student 2016-17

Lorraine Amponsah Undergraduate Project Student 2016-17

Maciej Migas Undergraduate Project Student 2016-17

Hollie Hughes Undergraduate Project Student 2016-17

Louise Crosskill Undergraduate Project Student 2016-17

Joseph Ansbridge Undergraduate Project Student 2016-17

Yuzhang Wei,  research intern 2017

Omar Al-Jeboori: MSc Research Student 2015-16

Yuzhang Wei: MSc Research Student 2015-16

Jelena Pisaruka:  Final Year Project Student 2015-16

Halima Mohammed: Final Year Project Student 2015-16

Hamsa Yusuf: Final Year Project Student 2015-16

Monica Sidarious: Final Year Project Student 2015-16

Dev Mistry: MSc Research Student 2014-15

Isabel Mayoral Delgado: MSc Research Student 2014-15

Miriam Garcia-Hernandez: MSc Research Student 2014-15

Yushang Wei: Final Year Project Student 2014-15

Jessica Sriramula: Final Year Project Student 2014-15

Amanreet Rhandhawa: Final Year Project Student 2014-15

Lorraine Amponsah:  summer placement student 2014

Manon Henry: ENSCL placement student summer 2014

Jonothan Hall: Final Year Project Student 2013-14

Stefan Barrie: Final Year Project Student 2013-14

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