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Invited talks:

John Keble School, Winchester, Science Week, June 2019.

STRAND research CORE inaugural meeting, July 2018, University of Brighton.

Feb 19th 2016,  ‘Lipid-protein interactions and phospholipid homeostasis’ RSC Prize winners meeting, University of Brighton

Nov 25th 2015, Synthetic Biology: Culture and Societal Responsibility, Governance and Mitigation’ University of Southampton.

Nov 19th 2015, Synthetic Biology: Ethical and Social Responsibility’ UCL London

Nov 13th 2014, ‘Synthetic Biology: Ethical, Legal and Social Issues’ UCL London

Nov 11th and 18th 2014, ‘Synthetic Biology: Culture and Societal Responsibility, Governance and Mitigation’ University of Southampton.

July 3rd 2014, Ethics, in vitro synthetic biology and data driven modelling, NPRONET kick-off meeting 3rd-4th July 2014

Nov 14th 2013, ‘Synthetic Biology: Ethical, Legal and Social Issues’ UCL London

Nov 12th and 19th 2013, ‘Synthetic Biology: Culture and Societal Responsibility, Governance and Mitigation’ Guest Lectures at University of Southampton.

Dec 10th 2012, ‘Lipids: From Membrane Biophysics to Systems and Synthetic Biology’, University of Brighton

Nov 22nd 2012, ‘Risk and Societal Responsibility in Bioengineering and Synthetic Biology’, UCL London

July 10th 2012, Frontiers in Synthetic Biology, (Technology Strategy Board), Bloomsbury, London. ‘Facing up to Risk Issues in Synthetic Biology’

Feb 6th to 10th 2012, Southampton University Multidisciplinary Research Week, ‘Bioethics in Synthetic Biology’

February 22nd 2008, Neonuclei mini-conference, Gothenberg, Sweden ‘Progress in correlating lipid synthesis with DNA synthesis in the whole cells and the nucleus’

August 7th 2007 Neonuclei mini-conference, Kullaberg, ‘Sweden DNA transcription in liquid crystal phases, further insights into the mechanism’.

February 7th to 9th 2007 Neonuclei mini-conference Southampton, England, ‘Neonuclei, Overview of years 1 and 2’.

October 9th 2006 Neonuclei mini-conference, Munich, Germany ‘Neonuclei; design concepts from nature’


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