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Google, the story, how it works and its monopoly.

In my previous posts I have offered the basic principles of SEO and PPC, it was second nature to reference straight toward Google Analytics and Google Adwords. Furthermore, I also created a post about Google penalties. This leads to some thought provoking issues, do Google have a monopoly? How did Google do this? What is so attractive about Google?


Google now processes over 40,000 search queries every second on average which translates to over 3.5 billion searches per day and 1.2 trillion searches per year. The chart below shows the number of searches per year throughout Google’s history.

Google chart

Do Google have a monopoly? Yes.

Google have recently been charged and fined with abusing their domination of the search engine by artificially promoting their our shopping comparisons. Shivaun Raff, founder of Foundem puts it this way, “Google is not just a monopoly; it is probably the most powerful monopoly in history. As the gatekeeper to the Internet, Google plays a decisive role in determining what the vast majority of us read, use, and purchase online.” Read more about Googles penalisation here.

As for how Google did it and what’s their story, i’ll leave you with two YouTube videos and a link to bitesize summary so you can make your own judgement:

If you want to find out more and are intrigued as I am about Google, i’ll leave you with this: What does it take for a startup business to grow into a highly successful billion dollar corporation? What kind of people work there? Discover how Google identified the kind of employee necessary to drive innovation and success, and adapted their business plan to make these new employees as effective as possible. Well, you can find out more at Joosr, they have a 20-minute summary of the book How Google Works by Eric Schmidt & Jonathan Rosenberg, definitely worth a read.

Matt Dawson • July 15, 2016

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