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Chapter 2: Biographical Timeline

Photographic reproduction of painted wind gauge map panel in Lindisfarne

One third size photographic reproduction of painted wind gauge map panel, Lindisfarne Castle, Holy Island, 1913. Photograph courtesy of the National Trust/Andrew McGregor. This device indicated the direction of the prevailing wind, using a system of rods and gears which linked a weathervane on the roof to a pointer on the dial. On the right can be seen the ‘Invincible’ Spanish Armada engaged in a running fight with ships of the English Navy. The map was commissioned by Edwin Lutyens.

1884 Born 6th October in Brighton.

1897 Gill family move to Chichester.

1899 Family move to Bognor Regis.

1901 Max embarks on training as architect.

1903 Moves to London to work as assistant with architects Nicholson and Corlette.

1909 Edwin Lutyens commissions Max to paint first wind-dial map.

1912 Lutyens commissions Lindisfarne wind-dial map.

1913 Frank Pick of the London Electric Railways commissions ‘Wonderground Map of London Town’, the first of 7 pictorial maps for the Underground.

1914 Starts five-year contract as architect on Ernest Debenham’s Briantspuddle Estate, Dorset.

1915 Marries Muriel Bennett.

1917 Invited onto headstone design committee of Imperial War Graves Commission.

1919 Max and family move to Chichester.

1927 ‘Highways of Empire’ published by the Empire Marketing Board. Chancel painting at St Andrew’s, Roker.

1933 Employs Priscilla Johnston (goddaughter and, later, second wife) as assistant.

1934 South Africa tapestry map completed for South Africa House. First GPO map: Radio-Telephone Services. Arctic and Antarctic maps for Scott Polar Research Institute in Cambridge.

1936 RMS Queen Mary map completed.

1938 Murals at Empire Exhibition, Glasgow. Separates from wife Muriel and sets up home with Priscilla Johnston.

1940 Tea Revives the World map published.

1942 Time and Tide Map of the Atlantic Charter published.

1945 Muriel divorces Max.

1946 Max and Priscilla marry May 4th. RMS Queen Elizabeth map (last commission).

1947 January 14th Max dies of cancer.

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