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A wealth of opportunities

LJ chats about gaining mathematical skills, confidence and an additional qualification in a friendly, supportive and vibrant environment.

After viewing several universities, I felt like Brighton offered a vast amount of opportunities, such as an extra certificate in my field of study (SAS), as well as having the most friendliest vibe about it. I remember meeting the Head of Maths, Will, as well as Steve and Roma and they spoke directly to the students rather than parents. They offered support straight away by providing me with contact details if I had further questions.

The course itself was more mathematical and offered a variety of skills. It wasn’t just all about coding. It felt more like maths rather than studying computer science with a tiny bit of maths.

My course is split into six modules with a fair balance of theoretical maths (proving theorems, and applying hypotheses), applied maths (further calculus, mechanics, and applied linear statistics), as well as pure maths (such as algebra). It has a fair balance of using a computer(coding/software) and by hand calculations.

We also get an opportunity to do groupwork, which is a challenge in itself but it boosts your confidence when you don’t feel particularly confident/comfortable in an area of maths.

My lecturers are always there at the end of an email and have helped me when I have been stressed about the work. Gabi genuinely cares for her students. She is someone who is relatable and has shared her experiences and struggles she faced at uni. She is definitely someone I aspire to become with the broad knowledge she has.

The uni has many campuses and you are always welcome on them. Brighton itself is very vibrant. It is one of the most stunning places to live with nice scenery and plenty of things to do. Generally everybody is very friendly. And it has a great gay community which I belong to.

I work hard throughout the day, and then have a set time when I stop work, play on my playstation with friends or write short stories. I am a member of the Creative Writing society where I have made several friends, and we encourage each other about our work.

My course offers a year placement, as well as have the opportunity to go into schools and set up like a homework club to offer extra support. For a summer placement I have been looking at opportunities to work as a data analyst for banks. These are high paid jobs and offer a broad range of skills such as communication and software skills.

100% the course is preparing me for the future. I have so many new skills.

Stephanie Thomson • June 13, 2021

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