First episode of Graphic Interventions, a new podcast series: See Red Women’s Workshop


Graphic Interventions is a new podcast series investigating political statements made through posters, banners and zines, produced and hosted by Harriet Atkinson. In each episode Harriet interviews one maker about one thing they’ve made. In the first episode, Harriet talks to Suzy Mackie, co-founder of feminist poster-making collective See Red Women’s Workshop. Listen to the episode on SoundcloudITunes, Google Podcasts or Spotify.

Focusing on the poster Right on Jane, they discuss the work of See Red including how the group started out, their motivations in working collectively, the issues they were tackling, how posters allowed them to raise important issues and to connect within and beyond the women’s movement.

The Ladybird book which inspired Right on Jane


Further information about See Red Women’s Workshop is available on their website. The book See Red Women’s Workshop: Feminist Posters 1974-1990, which includes full colour reproductions of all posters, is published by Four Corners Books and available at independent bookshops.


“Good good girl” – an example of the text that inspired Right on Jane



“Right on Jane” by See Red Women’s Workshop

Future episodes of Graphic Interventions feature banner-maker Ed Hall, subvertising collective Protest Stencil, poster-makers Conversations from Calais and Paris 68 Redux, a zine made by OOMK and a mini-Daily Mail spoof made by Darren Cullen of Spelling Mistakes Cost Lives.

Advisors to Graphic Interventions are Annebella Pollen, Jeremy Aynsley, Liz Farrelly and Zeina Maasri, with invaluable technical guidance from Leila Johnston. Graphic Interventions music is composed by Brad Ellis. With thanks to Nick Grosso for vocals. Logo design by Martha. Graphic Interventions is supported by the Arts and Humanities Research Council and the Centre for Design History at University of Brighton.

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