Final Update (1st To 14th May)

Once a house is weathertight, work can commence inside. I am unsure of what is going on on the inside, but I do know that the plasterers can’t work at the same time as the initial electrics are being done. This means that the process on the inside may take some time and that I would not be able to update my blog as I cant see what is going on.

Heating and cooling needs are addressed. Vents, ductwork and the heating and cooling units need to be installed.

An electrician often comes out during this stage and finishes up adding outlets and lighting fixtures.


Approved document H states that a plumbing design must include two systems: the system that supplies water and the system that gets rid of waste. The drain system also has vent stacks that allow drainpipes to breathe and move sewer waste through the sewer pipes.

Approved Document P contains guidance on electrical safety in dwellings, including detailed information about what procedures need to be in place and who may carry these out.


What is next?:

The last stage of construction involves putting the finishing touches on the building. This involves installing flooring, painting the walls, putting countertops in or adding faucets in the bathrooms.


Stages of Construction: A Basic Overview

Render Coat Update (8th To 17th Of April)

Render coats are applied on solid substrates such as brickwork, blockwork and concrete, in moderate exposure conditions. It is used to prevent rain penetration. You can apply just one coat or up to three.

The thickness of the rendering is determined by, the evenness of the background and the surface desired. If the background is relatively uneven, such as ordinary brickwork, and the surface needs to be smooth, then you need to have a total thickness of 10–15

It takes 4-6 weeks for the render to cure, which makes me think that I won’t be seeing much progress for construction from the outside. In this time, they may continue working on the inside of the house.

What Has Been Done So Far

The building has been demolished and the construction team have begun building the new property in its place.

The foundation, exterior and interior walls have been built. They are currently working on the floor framing.

Footings, formed using poured concrete and rebar, were used to keep the home from sinking. The area between them is levelled and fitted with utility runs and the slab is poured.

The crew applied a waterproofing membrane to the foundation walls. They also installed drains, the sewer system, water taps, and plumbing. Then they backfilled excavated dirt into the hole around the foundation wall.


Next, they attached the first floor beams, joists and subflooring.

Introduction To My Blog



My construction site is 2 bedroom detached bungalow that is currently getting rebuilt.

It was constructed in 1995, was in poor condition and then fully refurbished throughout. However, the owners weren’t satisfied and decided to demolish and rebuild this bungalow, bigger and better.

Old specifications:

  • Large Plot
  • Two Double Bedrooms 14’7 x 12’5 and 11’8 x 10’7
  • Large Lounge/Dining Room 22’8 x 12’4
  • South Facing Conservatory 12’2 x 9’5
  • Fitted Kitchen/Breakfast Room 17’4 max x 8’6
  • Spacious Shower Room /WC
  • South Facing rear Garden
  • Garage
  • South Side of Coast Road

This plot of land is at a height of 45 meters above sea level. Geo-coordinates of the address is Lat: 50.78668900, Long: 0.01883500.

Building a house on a cliff requires specific considerations, for example; you may need to protect your home from the elements, such as high winds and the effects of sea salt from sea spray. Special building materials may be used to help withstand the sometimes harsh marine environment.

SPR Carpentry & Construction Ltd

SPR is a small family owned construction company that is currently rebuilding this property. On their page, they have named this their ‘Peacehaven Project’. The budget for this building is unknown, as it is being paid for by a private home owner, but I do know that this project is going to take a year approximately to be completed.