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October 2012 – Karma Lama in Sweden to run the Stockholm Marathon

Karma Lama, the Project Manager in Nepal was in Sweden in June to run the Stockholm blog15_karma_lamaMarathon, an event sponsored by the Swedish Group. With only a day or two after getting off the plane he ran the marathon in a time of just over four hours. He did no training but there again he has led 30 treks to Everest Base Camp so he is pretty fit.

The Swedish group have become good friends and they really look after us during our stay – we have a great time mixing Malagiri business with pleasure and it’s lovely to work in harmony with them.

Denise and I went to Sweden to meet him and join in on a Board meeting there. Karma says that the school is progressing well although the political situation in Nepal continues to be ‘interesting’. There is currently a Maoist Government leading the Coalition and after many years of discussions the constitution should have been agreed by 31st May. It was not agreed so there will now be another election!! The country still experiences strikes although it is well documented that the people of Nepal are becoming increasingly fed up with the strikes and with the indecisive nature of the discussions around the constitution. Hopefully the strikes and disruption will decrease in the coming few weeks. Because of the rural situation of our school it has not been so affected by strikes as government schools or schools in the Kathmandu area.

Anita is obviously doing a wonderful job and the Nepali classes for women are proving very popular. A knitting class has also been started for both men and women and many villagers are attending these as well. So our little school in Malagiri is making a really positive contribution.

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