The Malagiri School


November 2010 – Appointing the head and deputy head teachers

I travel to Kathmandu for three days to look at the progress of the building of the school MalagiriNov10dand appoint the head and deputy head teacher. The building is coming on well and should be ready for the opening ceremony which is planned for 10th April 2011. We are now at the stage of ordering furniture, ovens for the kitchen and the like.

The Malagiri school building work is progressing well.

Interviewing candidates
We have a number of applicants for the post of head teacher and we hold interviews for a whole morning. Two candidates are appointed:
  • Head Teacher: Anita Tamang
  • Deputy Head Teacher: Passang Lama

They are both young but have some good experience and are also used to living in a village community. This is an important point as someone born and brought up in Kathmandu may have more difficulty adapting to living and working in a more remote, more isolated community.

Looking forward to school opening
They will be employed from 1st December on half pay to work alongside other head teachers in the Kathmandu Valley to broaden their experience.

From 1st March they will be employed on full pay (10,000 rupees per month for the Head (about £95 per month) and 9,000 rupees for the deputy (about £86 per month).

I leave Nepal tired but happy that we have made some decisions and that the school building work is progressing well. We now keep fingers crossed and hope that everything will be finished in time for the opening on 10th April.

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