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March 2012 – Student work placements and the future of the school

University of Brighton students visit the site
Since the school opened in April 2011 I have been in touch with the teachers and school blog_14_work_placementboard and knew that the school was progressing well. I travel to Nepal on 23rd January 2012 and it’s great to see developments. The children are growing fast – benefitting from the daily lunchtime meal. As much as possible the food is sourced locally which also brings a benefit to the village. The pupils are very motivated and enthusiastic and Anita and Passang are doing a great job with their teaching. The attendance of the children has been superb.
Students arrive on Complementary Placement
From 27th January fourteen students from the University of Brighton start to arrive in Kathmandu to undertake their complementary placements. They will be working in local schools, settings for street children and also in orphanages. However, on 2nd February we hire a bus and travel up to Malagiri. It is a wonderful day – lovely to see our university students sitting on the floor of the classroom working in group with the Malagiri children. Student Maria Morris ran two sponsored half marathons in aid of the school in the building phase and what a delightful experience to now have her working with children in the school. Quite an emotional day!
The Future
Anita, the head teacher, is leading classes two evenings a week to teach the local women to read and write – this is a really important development. Very soon a doctor and nurse will be visiting the school to undertake a thorough health check for every child.

The final building phase will hopefully begin soon. This will entail building an additional classroom and also a multi-purpose room so that visitors can stay at the school and villagers can make goods to sell on a fair trade basis. So watch this space!! Thanks so much for all your support and encouragement.

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