The Malagiri School

children outside the school

Warm sunny weather and new tracksuits!

Since the long spell of cold wet weather in Nepal has gone everyone is feeling positive and enthusiastic.

At this time of year the national flower of Nepal blooms on the Malagiri hillsides and the warm sunny weather is perfect for enjoying their beauty. The children have been given new tracksuits to wear for school and feel very pleased and smart.

Head teacher Yubraj Rasaili writes: “Duty is beauty, I am happy for the efforts the team putting in the school.

“It has been possible to employ Miss Doma, a new member of staff to support a young boy who is not able to walk and move about the school unaided.

“The children are glad to be back at school with a hot lunch to look forward to everyday, prepared and served in the school by the Cook sisters and helped by Miss Doma.

“First wash hands then leave slippers tidily, say prayers then wait quietly. Enjoy our food.”

  • chilren washing hands

Kerry Burnett • March 23, 2022

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