The Malagiri School

a winter view of the downs

1,600 miles for Malagiri!

Throughout 2021 Lorraine Harrison, School of Malagiri committee member, has been keeping fit and raising funds in a walking challenge.

Over the 12 months Lorraine walked 1,605 miles and donated £258 to support the Malagiri School.

Lorraine said: “I have been amazed at how the seasons affect the landscape and have marvelled at the beautiful sights to be enjoyed right on my doorstep. A huge thank-you from me, to those friends and supporters who have made so many generous donations in support of my efforts.

Lorraine’s final walk of the year took place in Arundel Park. From the image you can see the mist hugging the hillside and Lorraine described the walk as “a beautiful sight and one that will be etched on my memory.”

Lorraine is now deciding which fundraising challenge she can set herself for 2022! Many congratulations Lorraine on such an amazing effort.

Kerry Burnett • January 5, 2022

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