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some fo the items in the rations programme

Rations Distribution Programme

Dear Supporters and friends of the Malagiri School

Thank you so much for all your generosity which is needed so much to give children in a poor farming community like Malagiri hope for the future.

Lotus Heart – Ration Distribution Program

After two months of strict Lockdown in Nepal, to try to control the spread of Covid-19, the situation in Malagiri has been difficult. Very sadly there have been deaths and some still have symptoms.

Through hard work and determination villagers have continued to farm and grow seasonal vegetables which is the main source of their income. However the lockdown has meant they are unable to trade and buy other things they need – consequently many families did not have supplies of nutritious foods which are especially important for the children.

Thankfully Dr Kunsang and her team of volunteers from NGO Lotus Heart , covered by funds from Swedish supporters, were permitted to conduct a Rations Distribution Programme and travel to the area. One of the volunteers, Aneeta Tamang, has shared photos of the ration distribution to 125 families.

  • the rations being distributed

There are still more families who need help so hopefully another trip can be organised.

The distribution included:

  • 25kg rice
  • 260kg pulses
  • 220kg beans
  • 1kg salt
  • oil
  • soap
  • masks

Education for the children

Yubraj Rasaili,  Malagiri school head teacher, has published the end of year reports for children that will be leaving the school.

Sadly he has not been able to see the children and worries about the education they are missing. He, as we all do, hopes that schools will be allowed to open again soon.

We are so grateful to Dr Kunsang and the dedicated Lotus Heart team for everything that they are doing to support the children and families of Malagiri at this especially difficult time.

We also send our sincere thanks for the kindness and generosity of the Swedish supporters.

Kerry Burnett • July 16, 2021

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