The Malagiri School

a map showing the parcel's journey

A treasured parcel arrives

A parcel has safely made its way from West St Leonards Primary Academy in East Sussex to the Malagiri School.

The treasured parcel travelled over 4,000 miles and contained the children’s self-portraits which we shared on the blog a couple of weeks back.

The Malagiri children were so excited and pleased to receive the package and took no time in making an art display thanks to their new friends in the UK.

Nepal is currently suffering a rise in Covid 19 cases and their government has banned meetings and gatherings.

children on a bike in the haze of air pollutionSchools in Kathmandu have also been ordered to close due to air pollution in the city at the present time.

The good news is that there is no air pollution or Covid 19 in the Malagiri School locality and so the children are still able to attend.

Sadly the gatherings ban means the planned 10 year anniversary celebrations will need to be postponed but everyone is looking forward to celebrating as soon as they are allowed to.

Kerry Burnett • April 9, 2021

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