The Malagiri School

a view of Petworth Park

My walking diary

Lorraine Harrison reflects on month three of her year-long walking fundraiser for Malagiri:

“This month, I have walked just over 230km and so, I have made a  donation of £23 in support of the Malagiri school.

“Over the last few days, I have definitely had a spring in my step. Lifting the ‘stay at home’ restriction has allowed me to broaden my horizons al little. I have felt a bit like an explorer!

a daffodil“Yesterday I visited Petworth Park. The entrance reveals an amazing carpet of daffodils, the sight of which really lifted my spirits.

“Next month’s walks will take on a special significance as it was exactly 10 years ago that, along with Kevin and Denise Fossey, my husband and I attended the opening ceremony of the Malagiri School.

“It was a very special occasion and one that will always be etched on my memory.”

View images from the school opening in 2011.

Kerry Burnett • April 1, 2021

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