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Malagiri Committee Membership
Membership of the School of Education’s Malagiri Committee has recently been expanded and we are absolutely delighted that Claire Kidd, Lynne Wise, Kate Fleming, Tim Moyse, Jill Munday and Kris Fernandes have joined us. We have held three meetings to date and are thinking about how the SoE can continue to provide support for the School, its community and make some kind of contribution to education in Nepal more broadly.

Rebuilding and Restoration Work
We are delighted to report that the rebuilding and restoration work following the earthquake has finally been completed. The SoE’s share of the cost amounted to £10,555. The funds that were raised at the time of the earthquake have now been put to good use and it is heartening to know that the children can, once again, enjoy lunch in the dining hall with food prepared in a new kitchen.


Garden Party Fund Raising Event
We are currently planning the next fund raising event and, for the first time, we’ll be organising a garden party. Jill (Munday) has arranged for this event to be held in Sue’s Garden, Pangdean Barn on the evening of June 1st.  Jill and Kate (Fleming) have already organised some musicians to perform at the party  – if anyone has any ideas or suggestions and/or would like to be involved in this event, we would be delighted to hear from you! Please contact Adam (Byford).

Kevin Fossey’s Legacy
We have given much thought to ways in which we might honour Kevin’s commitment and legacy with respect to Malagiri. We are currently exploring how we might support the School and its community through:

  • Identifying specific School projects that would benefit from the support of our students
  • Improving the quality of water / sanitation.

Huw Taylor (Professor of Microbial Ecology) has kindly agreed to help and he is currently in contact with Pema Dorjee (founder of the School) and Therese Mahon (Regional Programme Manager for Water Aid).

Lorraine (Harrison) and Mark are thinking about how we might encourage students to visit Nepal. We would also like to consider ways in which former students could become involved.

Trip to Nepal
We hope that a small group will be able to visit Nepal in October (this calendar year) and meet with members of the Janchup Charitable Trust (who have responsibility for the governance of the School) and colleagues from Trinity (our sister organisation in Sweden with whom we share the on-going costs of the School). We also plan to visit the school so that we can both commemorate and celebrate Kevin’s life and work.

And Finally…
There has been much to report  – and there is a great deal to do. If you would like to become involved, we would welcome new members to join the Malagiri Committee.
Please contact Mark, Adam or Lorraine if you would like to find out more.

A number of colleagues in the School of Education make regular donations to Malagiri via Direct Debit or Standing Order. These contributions provide a regular income and play a vital part in our capacity to forecast the budget and plan for future expenditure. If you would like to know more about this, please contact Adam.

On behalf of the Malagiri Committee,

Christina Camm • March 23, 2017

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