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The School of Education recently visited the School for Malagiri for the first time since a series of earthquakes and aftershocks devastated the country just over a year ago.

Nepal is still struggling to respond to the after effects, and rebuilding work across the country has been painfully slow. Many of the 700,000 families and households made homeless are still living in temporary accommodation.

At the School of Malagiri, the main building which houses the kitchen and dining room has been severely damaged beyond repair. Since the earthquakes all food for the children has had to be prepared and served in two large ‘mess’ tents which the School of Education funded as part of its emergency relief.

Fortunately the other buildings only suffered some minor faults and were confirmed as safe to use, so the school has remained open. Even better, it was great to hear that it is now attended by over 60 children.

They have also had the pleasure of being joined by a new teacher who brings musical skills, playing both western and more traditional Nepalese instruments. To encourage development in this area the school have been able to purchase more musical instruments, drawing on some of the funds recently raised in the UK and Sweden.

During the visit, there was an opportunity for all key sponsors to come together to discuss the support and development of the school.

The rebuild and repair of the main building is the most important priority, especially with rainy season fast approaching, so it has been agreed that Trinity project in Karlstad, Sweden, and the School of Education will plan to co-fund this. Since returning we are pleased to announce that the rebuild of the main building has now begun.

In addition to this, much needed resources for the school have also been purchased, made possible by the recent fund raising efforts by the School of Education’s students and staff, our own alumni and the fantastic Pangdean Barn event organised by Jill Munday, which raised over £3000.

Christina Camm • July 22, 2016

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