The Malagiri School


We have now received more information from Nepal. A visitor from Belgium (and friend of our sister organisation, Trinity) was in Nepal at the time of the earthquake and she has visited Malagiri. The school is still intact but, unfortunately, it has sustained extensive damage. There are large cracks in the walls and on the ground. The villagers are concerned about the impact of the current heavy rainfall and it is anticipated that these weather conditions will exacerbate the damage. Thankfully, there are no reports of fatalities in the village. However, houses have also been badly damaged.

The Malagiri committee met this afternoon to discuss the situation. We would like to provide some help and support to the school and its community. Should anyone wish to give a donation, please visit our JustGiving page – please ensure that you indicate that your donation should be used ‘to provide relief’.

We also intend to donate £500 from our Malagiri fund to provide immediate emergency relief for Malagiri.

Lorraine Harrison
Head of the School of Education
University of Brighton

Kerry Burnett • April 30, 2015

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