Voytec Brodacki


‘A Man’, Dec 2020, 50cm x 70cm, Acrylic on board


'Ms. Prana', (2020)
‘Ms. Prana’, Jan 2021 60cm x 80cm, Acrylic on board


‘Untitled’, Jan 2021 65cm x 85cm, Acrylic on board


In my works I refer to the human nature, human emotions, and subconsciousness. Physical processing of paint with a brush or palette knife is a repetitive process of searching, trying to answer the questions posed, but also creating space for new questions. It is an endless story interwoven with emotions and life experiences. Each painting is a physical document, a record of this search. The painting becomes an internal debate and emotions written in the form of gestures, colour and composition. In my experiments, I look for a form of expression, my own experiences and their interpretation and I search for a relationship between the viewer and the image. Empathy as a reaction of the viewer themselves, which becomes part of the spectacle.

My starting point is drawing of the head in a simplified, gestural way, with an organic line without paying attention to details and discovering the hidden side of each person’s sensitivity. This perfection-imperfection allows me to discover the emotional side of man and their emotional states. For me the face and hands are among the most expressive parts of the body. The faces presented in the paintings may come from my subconsciousness, from my imagination. They may have common points and may differ completely from each other. The colour may link or divide them. In the future, as the form of an experiment, the images will be enriched with Augmented Reality and owing to this technology, an image can take on a different meaning. Modern technologies take the viewer into an additional dimension available only to them. Augmented Reality opens a new chapter of visual perception in the world of art.

Instagram: @voytecart