Layla Ali



‘Stoicism’ (2020)




‘False Reality’ (2020)




‘Human’ (2020)



‘Seeing Two’ (2021)



‘Untitled’ (2021)




I found myself drawn to the concept of Mental Health and its struggles. I chose to portray Mental Health illnesses visually, more specifically Bipolar Disorder and its effects.

I will explore the visual reflection of one’s mind and the perceptive understanding of reality in Bipolarity and its construct through painting and sculpture.

In these works of art, I explore the visual reflection of one’s mind and the perceptive understanding of reality and its construct. -Illusions/Delusions

The perception or reality or the false perception of reality is reflected upon the figures being used. Whether it be the covering of the eyes in the two figures of ‘Seeing Two’; which may reflect the rejection of what’s real whilst the colours of those two figures have been distorted to look surreal- as a painted figure with false colours reflecting the false perception of reality of one person being seen as two. With that the perceptive sensor’s (eyes) have been closed as a rejection to a reality, in coherence, the mind takes over.

Similarly, in another painting ‘Human’, which reflects or explores the essence of being human and how closing your eyes can take you into a different realm or more so a state of mind.

In addition, experimenting with sculpture I found to be quite dynamic and that also links to how our imagination and interpretation of one’s mind can go beyond what’s seen as something that makes sense. As it does not make sense, it is just something a mind created out of nothing. No reference or planning. What one’s mind can illustrate. Similarly, to illusions or delusions.

I used acrylic paint for my paintings, and Canson paper for my sculpture. I like to use quick dry brush strokes in some of my painted pieces, and I choose to paint on large scale canvases. Larger scales give me a lot of space, and I don’t feel so restricted or bound as I would feel painting a smaller scaled piece.

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