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Welcome to the blog of the MA Digital Media, Culture and Society at University of Brighton Blog                          Network.

The MA Digital Media, Culture and Society runs for the first time in the Academic Year 2017/18, as it takes over from the MA Creative Media – a programme with a long history, that has now run its course. It is based at the School of Media, University of Brighton.

The MA Digital Media, Culture and Society is an innovative programme that stays responsive to key developments in contemporary digital media, culture, and society. It engages with some of the most exciting and pressing cultural and social issues of our time, such as activism, big data, the cultural and creative economy, everyday life, future cities, and social wellbeing and identity.

Course Leader photoThe programme covers key theoretical debates in media and cultural studies and draws from local, national and global contexts, to help you develop the critical and methodological skills that are necessary for researching the role of digital technologies in culture and society.

The MA Digital Media, Culture and Society is of broad relevance to media and digital media graduates, as well as professionals pursuing a new or developing interest in how advances in digital media shape our cultural, political and social lives. The course combines the social fabric of learning with academic and applied interrogation of an extensive range of media-related developments in economy, society and culture. The flexible modes of study (online, on-campus, full-time, part-time) combined with student’s own choice of route through the course makes the MA Digital Media, Culture and Society particularly attractive to academics, teachers and educators, as well as media professionals, practitioners, managers and innovators.

You will be taught by leading academics in visual communication, social media, smart technologies and media production for social change. Our knowledge-exchange activities engage us with diverse businesses, communities and policy actors including media, publishers, digital companies, community groups and NGOs, which will allow you to make professional contacts during your studies.

I look forward to working with you.

Dr Aristea Fotopoulou

Course Leader, MA Digital Media, Culture & Society | Senior Lecturer Media and Communication | a.fotopoulou [at] brighton [dot] ac [dot] uk School of Media, Watts Building                                                                                                               University of Brighton

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