Lance Dann

Lance is the Module Leader for the Compulsory Semester 2 module Professional Media Practice. He is currently writing Podcasting: A Digital Media Revolution with Dr Martin Spinelli.  Due to be published in 2018 by Bloomsbury Academic this will be the first major study of podcasting and podcasters.  It will feature over 40 interviews with leading producers and hosts of podcasts from the US and UK including Serial, Radiolab, Welcome to Night Vale, Adam Buxton and My Dad Wrote a Porno.

On June 18th the release of the final episode of Blood Culture a cross-media drama series that included audio, films, games, web and social media.  A bio-medical techno thriller Blood Culture was funded by the Wellcome Trust and produced by Resonance 104.4FM.  The series addressed issues of the commodification of the body, stem cell technologies and the exploitation of interns by contemporary post-capitalist mega-corporations.  The podcast element of the project spent 6 weeks at the top of the iTunes chart (knocking The Archers off the number 1 slot in the drama category) and has been downloaded, streamed and played over 80,000 times. The series was created by Lance who is currently busy developing a second season.

Lance also works as a presenter at BBC Radio 4, he is currently working on a documentary produced by Sarah Jane Hall entitled Art in Miniature.  He will be interviewing artists from around the world who push their work to the extreme of scale, working between heart beats to steady their hands as the produce work that can only be viewed under microscopes.  His experiences of working directly with major media corporations feeds directly in his lecturing on the MA where he leads of a compulsory module concerned with the cultures and framework that underpin contemporary media practice.

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