A zine is typically a short magazine, in which is a visual use to subtly advertise a brand or even to simply express a theme of choice. Fan Zines are also a popular take on fashion communication for my generation and entire upbringing really; allowing a theme to be opened and spread across a specific target audience.





Furthering looking into the concept of Virgin Mary and how does modern day approach her and the religious beliefs for christianity / catholicism  – I found the singer ‘MO’s’ new chart hit and video which Virgin Mary appears in a very unique and VERY recognisable way for teens of my generation. Kim Kardashian painted as VM on the wall behind the singer brings a light-hearted but powerful take on the religious star, bringing two iconic people together as one (ones which are so very different!). I think this plays on the theme of feminism and showcases a question of ‘why does having a bad and opinionated background make you any less of a saint?’ (for Kim K that is if you understand her past in the media). Also, the VM is shown subtly constantly throughout the video through choice of clothing – the black head band / hat and the white, quilted over-coat acting similar to an angels outfit. The idea of black clothing contrasting to the white both within the video almost reflects my idea of opposites and how i would want to show innocence and purity against rebellions.



Gustav Klimt; who else better look at for when it comes down to feminism and the many stereotypes of women? I absolutely love his work, the colours and patterns mainly taking my interest, but – the themes of many of his female paintings relate strongly to my previous post of Soasig Chamaillard and her take on the Virgin Mary. What i have noticed about his work is that there is always a valid point and theme made within his paintings, whether it be sexuality (top right), prostitution (top left) or power of women (middle). But, the specific relation here is the Virgin Mary he captures in his own terms; this time called a Madonna, who he painted to resemble a prostitute. The idea may be harsh upon women, but the controversial theme of modernising and changing the role of someone superior to something much more relatable to our generation is clear. This also influences my next steps on choosing the theme for the project, so perhaps Klimt’s work could lead me into the direction of the theme of purity and its opposite.