Research into how 80’s Vogue mag has actually portrayed themes of beauty within their editorials or adverts. I typically love to use excessive amounts of accessories in my styling – normally because i relate a lot of my looks back to the 60’s-80’s – so physically seeing this in Vogue has encouraged me to keep doing so especially for this last shoot.





Riot of perfume has also been another exceptional influence through this project, especially when identifying if i wanted to create a magazine or not for my final piece. This editorial stood out for me when reading the magazine at the start of the term, i think mostly because of how unusual the setting is for the focus to be on the fashion. It actually looks as if it has been pulled out of a legitimate 80’s book of some kind with relations to the styling, hair techniques and unconventional use of posing. I just found this relevant to this shoot because of the location and how they have managed to succeed in having the fashion still as the main focus; obviously the key factor i need to show as a stylist. Not only this, the textures of the fabric could be interesting to develop on as a unusual way of showing classic pattern structure in my work. The detailing in the lace, the floral of the dress and even how the nude tights are placed over the ice-skater’s knickers which form a certain shape too. All of this could be a subtle reflection of the Renaissance painting, but i do need to realise an idea on how i can take a more obvious adaption from the painting. Maybe this could be how the characters within the painting are all in various places, almost segmenting the entire painting completely. I could use this idea and make the model position herself / himself in similar places in similar positions around the location. After taking the photos, post production could help highlight this use of positioning even more as i can locate the images in a certain way.




This advert i completely fell in love with when it first came out. Not only do i love Petra’s style anyway, but it manages to tie together two opposing aesthetics from Gucci and herself to create one entirely new image. However, still being very obviously work of Petra’s and beauty products of Guccis. I thought using this would be quite relevant in regards to this further shoot because of the colour scheme and how even the smallest of details here is made to look authentic or retro; again, fulfilling both Guccis and Petra’s styles. I know i want to use the retro hairdressers for this final shoot anyway, but having similar guidlines such as this would help me a lot with how i can position the model or just use the hairdressers to its best potential.



I have previously studied this painting for my past research project, where i took away the element of the pattern structure and how various parts of the painting is more importantly highlighted with pattern and other areas not so much. I want to develop this idea of beauty furthermore for this final shoot, especially after feeling like i had quite a succesfull shoot previously depicting the beauty technqiues within women’s routines. I loved the retro-glamour feel the styling and location showcased for the previous shoot and definitely want to keep running with this for my last shoot. This is because i feel most comfortable portraying these past era’s through my styling, i can reference many of my favourite designers such as Gucci for one last time and lastly, i am so eager to use this chosen location which will really identify the key theme of beauty in someway.

However, from this chosen Renaissance painting, i want to re-do the same element i chose last term. This is just because the shoot was quite dissapointing in terms of structure and as this is one of my favourite Botticelli paintings – it should be a very important shoot. Therefore, pattern will also be filtered through this overall developing image of beauty and i will showcase the pattern balance through the styling techniques. To really modernise this concept but enable the outcomes to remain in this retro effect, i could use animal print as the key focus pattern which i could clash and balance out in similar ways to this image – of which i failed at when interpreting this painting last time. Looking into retro aesthetics through fashion editorials would be best effective for me to produce successful styling that reflects my own ideas and also the pattern structure that i have taken influence from, from this painting.




Unfortunately, this site won’t allow me to place the images in a better way so in reality, they would be placed a lot different. This has happened with all the finals i have shown on my blog 🙁



This runway is the exact sense of styling i want to portray in my shoot. The use of bold block colour that runs from head to toe, contrasting each outfit’s garment with the next. I absolutely love how Gucci manage to break through gender boundaries and although this isnt the issue i want to achieve in the shoot, somehow i think using similar prints to what is shown here may lead it this way. The outfits shown here reflect a very obvious 80’s era with careful thought on silhouette, using shoulder pads and gold chain mini belts that tighten the waist in a completely new direction. The contrast between glam and sport here is also something i noticed as it is seen as a very unconventional styling addition, particularly the knee caps. The signature look of block, pattern tights i want to use in my own shoot as it not only becoming a very typical technique of mine, but it is becoming a very ontrend idea and overall, help filter through modern day aspects of a past era fashion trend. Previously, i spoke of an editorial that had been styled using bold prints against block colour, typical of retro eras and ones of which would help pull through a notion of cinema – probably because the styling would compliment styling of photography. So, i think using a print such as this large, excessive dog tooth with block colours that are used religiously without is an effective idea. I also want to try and keep the location and props within the shoot a similar colour to the clothes so that the entire image coordinates.