This runway is the exact sense of styling i want to portray in my shoot. The use of bold block colour that runs from head to toe, contrasting each outfit’s garment with the next. I absolutely love how Gucci manage to break through gender boundaries and although this isnt the issue i want to achieve in the shoot, somehow i think using similar prints to what is shown here may lead it this way. The outfits shown here reflect a very obvious 80’s era with careful thought on silhouette, using shoulder pads and gold chain mini belts that tighten the waist in a completely new direction. The contrast between glam and sport here is also something i noticed as it is seen as a very unconventional styling addition, particularly the knee caps. The signature look of block, pattern tights i want to use in my own shoot as it not only becoming a very typical technique of mine, but it is becoming a very ontrend idea and overall, help filter through modern day aspects of a past era fashion trend. Previously, i spoke of an editorial that had been styled using bold prints against block colour, typical of retro eras and ones of which would help pull through a notion of cinema – probably because the styling would compliment styling of photography. So, i think using a print such as this large, excessive dog tooth with block colours that are used religiously without is an effective idea. I also want to try and keep the location and props within the shoot a similar colour to the clothes so that the entire image coordinates.




This style of direction and photography is completely different to my normal interests or inspos, but i was really drawn to the overall theme of this and how in the best terms, it seems quite tacky and shows very obvious signs of a 60’s era. Not only the big hair from the model and her dog beside her, but because of location, use of technical equipment – especially above the dog which seems quite ironic and unconventional in some way- and glamorous clothing in such a normal, everyday location.



I came across this retro style hairdressers on my way back from university this evening and it is styled in the exact ways some of these past editorial locations have been presented in too. After speaking to the manager, she confirmed that it would be an amazing idea to do some shots in here as well as my bedroom because it might give my concept a completely different dimension, but then really targeting the concept of beauty through the actual setting. I think ill concentrate mainly on my bedroom shoot first, however after shooting there it could be really fun to do some here too!






I thought if i wanted the images to become quite cinematic and almost awkward in posing, the best examples to help influence me would be to actually look at films and the bedroom scenes within them. Virgin Suicide was a prime example to follow because of the characteristics of the girls involved and how they are growing through womanhood, with the concerns of beauty ahead of them.






Gucci has undoubtedly been a key inspiration of mine throughout this entire project and somehow relates to every part of my work, regardless of theme. Here the campaign has been useful to study just because of how the models are shot in quite unconventional ways but seen as if it is the norm. For example, a random tiger on the bed but the woman seems unnerved and not really realising the ‘danger’ of what any other person in her position would be feeling.




The storyline for this editorial was based around the horror perceptions that come with a night in a motel. It reflects back to this idea of Miles Aldridge’s 1950s Americana and a sense of cinematic themes because a typical American Motel is globally seen as quite a scary film setting or story. The styling used within this shoot helps identify the direction much more with the use of block colour against paisley, vintage-like backgrounds. There is a major contrast between each element of the outfit, for example the trousers against the bedding against the animal print scarf. The image on the left then becomes completely visible and made very aware of with this block coloured phone, that is the first part of the image you see because of its block colour. This editorial has taught me to play around with this use of block colour against pattern against block again because i feel that it gives the styling various dimensions of layers and ideas surrounding the concept. It also creates a much more pop art feel that i want to portray in the shoot so that the era of the 50’s/60’s is pulled through, but in a modern concept.