Again, just showing how various textures and patterns can come together to actually create a really strong look; instead of completely clashing and overpowering one another. My choice of shape of garments will be most important for this look because of how expressive the silhouettes were typically in the 80’s. It will need to be obvious of this era i think, but also sustain my own style throughout each look so it doesn’t become too ‘tacky’. Looking into luxury brands on Vogue Runway will be best for me to achieve this, especially the likes of Isabel Marant and YSL. These designers manage to filter through great aspects from the 1980’s and leave behind what wouldn’t be considered as ‘on trend’ now. This image on the left particularly interested me because of how different each garment is that is styled on the model but it all combines together to form a really smooth silhouette. The contrast between the blue bow heels with the lace material tights is the key influence i will take away as a strong aesthetic taken from the 80’s period. It shouldn’t really work together – in my opinion – but actually, it really does and is really obvious of this period’s fashion.

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