This editorial showcases luxury, modern day wear but in a very obvious 80’s style. The way the styling has developed layers of luxury brands such as Cavalli i found inspiring because still, they manage to show every garment clearly. They have shown a great understanding of typical 80’s elements, that goes for the excessive patterns used, large accessories and almost a disco-like aesthetic. Following through with similar aesthetics could be effective in really showcasing an 80’s feel but it would ideally need to reflect beauty in someway. The pattern i need to achieve through terms of styling could be influenced from this editorial. I like how only subtle hints of it is shown, especially in this image on the left and i could try and get the same proportions of pattern in the looks as is it shown in the Renaissance painting. Im unsure of how this would work but i should definitely start playing around with patterns and working out what kind of colours or definite patterns i want.

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