I have previously studied this painting for my past research project, where i took away the element of the pattern structure and how various parts of the painting is more importantly highlighted with pattern and other areas not so much. I want to develop this idea of beauty furthermore for this final shoot, especially after feeling like i had quite a succesfull shoot previously depicting the beauty technqiues within women’s routines. I loved the retro-glamour feel the styling and location showcased for the previous shoot and definitely want to keep running with this for my last shoot. This is because i feel most comfortable portraying these past era’s through my styling, i can reference many of my favourite designers such as Gucci for one last time and lastly, i am so eager to use this chosen location which will really identify the key theme of beauty in someway.

However, from this chosen Renaissance painting, i want to re-do the same element i chose last term. This is just because the shoot was quite dissapointing in terms of structure and as this is one of my favourite Botticelli paintings – it should be a very important shoot. Therefore, pattern will also be filtered through this overall developing image of beauty and i will showcase the pattern balance through the styling techniques. To really modernise this concept but enable the outcomes to remain in this retro effect, i could use animal print as the key focus pattern which i could clash and balance out in similar ways to this image – of which i failed at when interpreting this painting last time. Looking into retro aesthetics through fashion editorials would be best effective for me to produce successful styling that reflects my own ideas and also the pattern structure that i have taken influence from, from this painting.

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