As my research develops through this path of 1980’s fashion in modern day editorials, it is becoming very obvious of the type of garments i will need to use to achieve a luxury, 80’s image. This use of large oval shaped arms, asymmetrical necklines and giant shoulder pads are just a few ideas that i could effectively adapt upon. I am interested in using evening wear for this shoot because i think it will best get across an image of high end fashion and could compliment the location of the retro hairdresser’s quite well, especially if the palette will be mostly monochrome. I also think itll be best because the previous shoot focused on beauty techniques – supposedly before an evening out – and pictured maybe more of a teenage hood theme. Using a more high end approach will enable me to give a different outlook of beauty standards that i want to show, because it could be seen as an older woman and the similarities that run throughout growing from a teen to a young woman. It will also make this shoot much more editorial instead of a more personal aesthetic like the previous shoot. I can also use this editorial as inspo for the sort of hair and make up that could work for the looks. I love this slicked back, glossy hair approach that enables viewers to easily see the focus point of the accessories. Having the oppurtunity to shoot in a hairdressers could also give me access to the equiptment there which i could use within the styling, especially within the hair to help me achieve a strong 80’s feel.

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