S/S 04



Similar to my deconstructed shoot, Helmut Lang uses various cut outs and unusual add ons within the garments to give this unfinished feel. I think to really promote such an eccentric and contemporary brand i need to remember these techniques and focus my styling on similar aspects such as this utility vest idea created from multiple strapped vests or military style jackets – although, within the concept of denimwear.

This collection was based upon the aesthetics of dragonflies, the evidence of this coming through with Lang’s signature style of intricate tailoring, cut away structures and layers of unusual t-shirt cut bandages. I think this runway is actually one of the most obvious season’s of Helmut Lang’s careful techniques so looking into how the styling is used throughout each look can help guide me into appropriately presenting them. I think after studying such a contemporary vision for fashion through the designs of Helmut Lang, i need to look into other designers that have established a strong development on the idea of traditional denim pieces.

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