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Collier Schorr works as a fashion photographer who is mostly now known for her mixed media post-production of a between the establishment of fashion editorial and fine art. I find this type of layout so extrodinary for a fashion photographer as after editing original images, it is rare to see an outcome so unique as these. I was attracted to this sort of layout out initially because of the random but very carefully placed layerings of coloured photographs and monochrome. Although they are each individual images from various different shoots, how she has layered them over one another seem to create one larger photograph. I also like how although, again, there are random images all over one page, the stating of models and styling looks is still evident – regardless of the sketchbook like format. This idea would be useful for me to replicate just to make sure the theme of an archive is really got across, even if the clothes aren’t designer. It would make my theme seem a lot more corporate and professional having this subtle hint of brand identity throughout each page.

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