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Not only has looking into Helmut Lang’s adverts inspired me for this shoot, but has also left me thinking about possible different ways that i can now showcase my entire fmp, from exhibition stand to final book. Although i have been set on creating a magazine, the vision is slightly lacking for final outcome and overall running theme as my outcome shoots are starting to differ from the initial concept of the Renaissance. I am still very interested and happy to continue using the inspirations of Renaissance paintings, however i am starting to feel that a magazine might not be best to showcase my work after all. Helmut Lang uses very contemporary but quite corporate looking ways to present the lookbooks or adverts overall and i have been very drawn to this concept – especially as i have always differed between stylist and image maker through my university experience too. This kind of concept has interested me so much and i feel that it is a much more personal outcome for my own style of work and personality, making me feel more motivated about the project again.

I am really drawn to this idea of creating a large archive of my work that could be seen as something pulled from a designer’s corporate chest or library. I would be able to use almost all my current shoots within this too which would be formated similar to a professional sketchbook inside a large document or folder. Because all my shoots have been shot on film so far, i think this aesthetic i keep reaching for of early 2000’s or late 90’s could be an obvious theme running throughout the archive and help achieve this feeling of re-discovering old designs, runways and photos.

This isn’t an exact confirmation on my change of final outcome but i want to definitely start practicing different layouts that could feature my shoots in!

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