I felt that this editorial was a perfect example in portraying androgyny through a female styling or perspective. Although the term androgyny doesn’t just support females who wear masculine and feminine clothing, it supports all genders in becoming a bit more neutral within their clothing so this editorial could have maybe played on that too. However, i was initially drawn to this image because of the silhouette created with the oversized shirts and long cuffs that hang upon the end of the sleeves. The broad top half now created by the clothing used helps create such a strong approach to androgynous clothing and the viewer becomes aware immediately of the theme behind the shoot. The oversized shirt creates a huge contrast between the top half of the body and the bottom half, almost highlighting this androgynous theme of blending both feminine and masculine looks. I also like how the clothes look as though they have been pulled out from possibly her dads or a much taller or larger man’s wardrobe, as they are tied so tightly around her waist and the shirt sits on her top half with such big spaceual areas. I feel that this loose fit is a really effective styling technique and almost adds layers within itself because of the oversized garments and how they fall on the model’s body.

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