“Im on my own again”



When i came across this editorial, i felt that i can really relate most of my styling work to date to these images. They oppose a very unconventional, unique style with the use of layering and how some garments are made to feel unfinished – an idea that i always enjoy playing on too. But, in terms of androgyny i thought that not only has Teeth portrayed a very obvious androgynous model but uses both typical feminine and masculine clothing to blend within one another such as the shoulder padded blazer under a string back corset. Additionally, the style of photography i became very aware of which seems to really highlight all parts of the model, facual and body areas, especially against the strong plain background. I should definitely get into contact with a photographer to ask about this sort of photography as i think it could work really well for an advert for the magazine and probably need to know more about it in general.

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