“You got this girl”



It seems to be quite difficult to find any fashion editorials in particular that cover both male and female androgynous themes, instead female looks are becoming very common within my research. Maybe this is because of how menswear is only now becoming a much more explored fashion in the industry or that gender terms are still very uncommon within fashion and this is how it is starting to open? Regardless, throughout these editorials, similar techniques occur on how the stylist has shown an androgynous feel. Layering of various garments seems to be the most obvious technique that stands out for me when it comes to my research and should be reflected within my shoot massively. I also really like this idea of oversized jeans that are clearly a typical menswear look, but recently they have become a hot trend for women. Looking into blending these items that both have male and female characterstics could be ideal for exploring androgyny.

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