Flora Symmons “Consumerism” Theme

Shot by Flora & styled by myself



I have recently styled for a former student who’s project surrounded the theme of consumerism and excessive purchasing of clothing. This theme actually can fit into this running theme for my next shoot due to the idea of standards for women and maybe this is why consumerism is at a prime when it comes to fashion buying. However, it was more the styling i wanted to focus on here and how i have established a slight style for layering – linking to my research on how designers have layered and created new functions for their garments. I wanted to make sure in each outfit i exaggerated on either the type of garment, the pattern or the colour to really get across function and the photographer’s initial theme of consumerism. I can now reflect on these ideas and put them to use for this project as i feel the styling is quite successful in replicating a theme of constructing a person through the various elements of styling. Adding and taking away parts of the clothing here creates a completely new outlook for the original piece of clothing, which really helps me now because i can see what works and what didn’t so much leading to a more successful outcome.

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