These images taken from inside a developing sketchbook are obviously ones that have been scanned in and then various textures and materials have been added on top to create diversity in levels and to probably show more detailed imaginations of the clothing designs. However, i was immediately attracted to the bold, black shapes that are sat around the figure on the backdrop and sometimes within the clothing designs. The contrast between the black and white tones is probably the initial attraction i noticed, but i also feel it could be used in my work for a more subtle response to deconstruct a backdrop. Similar to how the designer has added the materials on after the images have been scanned or copied, i could add the materials – say blocks of cardboard – around the model in position to how they are stood. This would allow the focus to really be found on the clothing and concept of society’s standards, but also have a very imaginative background. It may not work but i think i will experiment beforehand!

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