S/S 90




Since establishing in Paris in 1989, Margiela has always conveyed such a strict, avant garde approach to the fashion the brand produces. It was always based on discreet principles and concepts that maybe aren’t as clear as other brands but still very responsive and favored. What i found interesting about this collection – which was one of the first outcomes for the brand – is that it truly does represent such an unfinished image. Where there are a range of unusual fabrics such as plastic, overlayed with frayed white stitching from a cut up shirt, it creates such a strict identity for the designer brand. It is recognizable still today of the creative talent built from within Margiela and i find this collection really inspiring. I am always fond on androgynous clothing and representing this through my styling techniques so this brand is always a major inspiration. Although, this theme isn’t something i am focusing on for this exact shoot, i am also inspired by how the clothing is still very high end – image wise – and how the females shown in these images seem confident and content within wearing such oversized garments that are excessively layered with random parts of fabrics falling from either side. This is something that links to my theme of women’s standards made from society, as i want my styling to present the model in a really content form where the deconstruction of the clothing isnt made aware.

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